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SnackerBoy's News

Posted by SnackerBoy - 3 days ago

At last! Never again will I have to wake up in a cold sweat at 2am with the reminder that I have under 100 Newgrounds fans.

I can now obtain a College education, thank you guys.

Obtaining 100 fans has also allowed me to unlock the ability to pee upwards.

The Africans have begun recognising me as their king. (Finally!)

The Gorillaz asked me to animate their next music video, but I instead requested to replace their lead singer. They accepted.

I beat Metroid Zero Mission.

Donald Trump called me in for a meeting, in which he asked me to make out with him. He tasted great.

My wife left me.

But I got a better one now! She's cool.

I owe it all to you guys. Thank you. Who knows what'll happen at 200 fans? Maybe I can finally beat Donkey Kong Country.


(also follow my new Twitter since my old one got suspended lol: https://twitter.com/tictacsnack?s=09)


Posted by SnackerBoy - May 27th, 2018

Newgrounds, nows the time to join the Bartman Reanimate Project!


I made a new Trailer to promote the collab, retweets and all that would be appreciated.


So let's recap, we have..

19 scenes completed!

72 scenes taken!

And 20 scenes up for the taking!

So if you've been thinking of joining for a while now but haven't, nows the time!


Also, i'm still taking submissions for the Bartman Cover, all you have to do is draw Bart Simpson in your own style, save it as a Transparent PNG and send it to bartmancollab@gmail.com, and i'll smack it right there on the cover!

Here's what it looks like so far!


Do the Bartman!


Posted by SnackerBoy - April 16th, 2018

It's closing in on a month since i've announced the Bartman Reanimate Collab, and so far i'm amazed at the show of creativity and style that peoples submissions have shown.


Huge props to @TomFulp for giving a shout out to the project in the latest news post, it means the world to me.

Anyway! We have 11 scenes completed so far, I'll leave some examples down below, real great stuff so far.

There are 52 scenes still available!


Wanna join? Do you want to animate Bart in the funniest way you can think of, do you want to show off your animation skills?

Do you want to be apart of something monumental?

That last part is a massive exaggeration but if the rest sounds good to you then apply today!

You can peep the Google Docs here for info on the project:



Plus the Twitter Account, with updates on peoples entries, plus the project itself:



And with that, i'll leave you with some fantastic entries i've recieved.


By @RGPAnims:


By Tyler Munoz on Twitter:


By @hexic54:


By @PieLordPictures:




Posted by SnackerBoy - March 21st, 2018

Simpsons fans, animators!

Come take part in The Bartman Reanimate collab!

Where we take the original ''Do the Bartman'' music video and re-animate it, scene by scene.


Shoot an email over to bartmancollab@gmail.com with your portfolio and snag a scene! We got short scenes, long scenes, we got everythin'! 

More details can be found in the Google Doc herehttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ky0F0rKcOBQ8WmcC7Q5Oi5kgL1hbwilA8Siry2XKuLc/edit?usp=sharing

If you're interested, check out the Twitter : https://twitter.com/bartmancollab

And join the discord, even if you're not participating, check out the progress that's being made! https://discord.gg/WfYSbaP

Hope to see you participate!


Posted by SnackerBoy - March 10th, 2018

Introducing HeadBang!

An animation group filled with the coolest kids on the block! I'm a Co-Leader alongside @RGPAnims, we have a bunch of cool ideas for collaborations and projects, so be sure to keep stay tuned.

We're on Newgrounds with @TeamHeadbang and you can follow us on Twitter with https://twitter.com/TeamHeadbang.

And here, you can check out our Demo Reel!


Posted by SnackerBoy - February 15th, 2018

sup lads, bit of news for ya.

the Kirby Re-Animate project being hosted by @rsdream12 on Twitter is in full swing, and I was lucky enough to land 2 scenes! there's still slots open, so if you have any interest, check out the twitter: https://twitter.com/kirbyreanimated

@RGPAnims Pac Man Collab is still going on, with the deadline for submissions being the 10th of May. So if you want to have a shot at that, check out RGP Anims news post here: https://rgpanims.newgrounds.com/news/post/1000414

And with that, i'll leave you with a tease..


Posted by SnackerBoy - January 29th, 2018

So, I have an idea for a game. I've been working on the idea for a while now, and I have some concept art here.


The game is a 2D action platformer, the story is that one day in a peaceful town, an evil force appears and steals everyones TVs! So Chip, the adventurous dog, decides to venture forth and retrieve the stolen TVs, so you must venture forth into multiple TV based worlds and retrieve everyones TV back!

On his adventure, Chip can use his magic TV remote to wave dash, allowing for special attacks, and to control special objects to solve puzzles!

Well, I can't code, and everytime I try to I get frustrated and give up. So that's why i'm currently recruiting programmers to help make this game a reality. But no promises.

Also, i'm working on a cartoon which will be finished soon, so look forward to that.


Posted by SnackerBoy - January 22nd, 2018

So I made a new cartoon, but it's not on Newgrounds. In fact, it's not even on my channel. Yeah, I worked with JimmyRS and made a cartoon for his channel, so you can check that out below.

Anyway, time to get to work on another cartoon for Newgrounds..


Posted by SnackerBoy - December 28th, 2017

So it's nearly New Years! What does that mean for me? Well, not much really. I'll keep making cartoons for sure, although 2018 is a pretty busy year for me in terms of school, atleast for the first half. Then i'm more or less free. I released a RuneScape themed cartoon on my channel, it's not on Newgrounds, so i'll just drop it here.

If you don't play RuneScape it probably won't mean much to you, but hey, it's there.

I worked on a Pac Man short for the Pac Man Collab, which will be releasing around March, I think, so you won't see it until then.

Finally, at the moment i'm working on a Pepsiman cartoon, working with my good buddy @Thriftman on it. It's in the very early stages, so I have no idea when it'll be released, but it's being worked on. here's some rough art based on it.



Well that's it really. As always, look forward to more cartoons! Duncan and Jones will be getting a second episode as soon as i'm finished with this Pepsiman project, so yay. Thanks for being fans of my stuff, and also for 199 subscribers on YouTube! So infuriatingly close to 200, it's putting me off, grr.

Posted by SnackerBoy - December 13th, 2017

I uploaded an update video thing to my YouTube channel, i'll just put it here too. I use my real voice in it too, so if you were ever curious what I sound like, well here ya go. Spolier Alert - I sound like a 6 year old girl.

Merry Christmas!