Duncan and Jones announcement!

2017-12-06 13:45:19 by SnackerBoy


Kinda. I'm working on the first episode of a new series i'm doing called Duncan and Jones!

Duncan and Jones Poster

 The first episode is about halfway finished animation   wise, so you can expect it to release hopefully later   this month, if not early January.

 The series is about two action cop buddies Duncan   and Jones, who go on silly adventures set out for them   by their soft child like boss. The comedy is inspired   heavily from people I admire like videogamedunkey     and various online animators.

 The two are voiced by me and my friend @Thriftman ,   and we're both extremely excited to show you what's   in store.

 I have to give props to @Mikerthegeek for supplying   the awesome intro theme music, which you can listen   to here.    https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/775520




Also, I uploaded a little sneak peek thing on my Twitter which you can watch here. 


Well anyway that's it. Spread the word, and look forward to it! Who knows where this could go?

Seeya guys. :)


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2017-12-11 08:04:29

who is @mikerthegeek?
It came a error.

SnackerBoy responds:

Oh bollocks, so it does. Here's the link to his Newgrounds, real talented guy. https://mykerthegeek.newgrounds.com/