Happy Halloween!

2017-10-24 02:33:35 by SnackerBoy

Hey guys, 

My Halloween cartoon is finally out, and you can watch there right on the front page! Atleast, for however long it's there for anyway. Absolutely crazy. I've only ever once had a cartoon on the front page before and that was the King and his Orange Juice one, and it wasn't there for long. I've gained quite a few new fans from the cartoon and I wanna welcome them, and thank you for following! Of course I have to thank Notlarla, Fastfoodcac and Knucklesamichva for helping me create the cartoon.

Well, i'm gonna stay hard at work drawing and animating, and I hope you guys look forward to whatever I may create in the future, thank you guys for your support.

Keep goofin,



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