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Wow, I don't think I have to say anything about the animation, that was absolutely phenomenal. Other than the writing which I thought some of was a bit weird, this is absolutely incredible. Great work, dude!

I laughed, it was funny! Your humor is weird and fun, I enjoyed that. The animation was also pretty well done too, I can see you improving a lot. A problem I have though is the framing is a little off. Like when the Grey man is talking to the chef, I think you could've positioned the counter so that the chef is more central, it would have looked better. Other than that though, very funny! Can't wait to see more!

wat did he say at the end

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Man that fella you got to do some of the art is real talented, wonder who he was.

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huh this is pretty good. yeah.. it's pretty.. it's... woah.. so many things.. i could watch this forever..

Flaxor responds:

Hey thanks a lot!!! Really happy to hear you potentially trapped in a continous loop of desert jogging. ^_^

Gonna feel bad giving legit critcism because this is the first piece of fan-art I've ever gotten, but here I go. The bad - The perspective on the face is a lil' weird.. i'd recommend looking into drawing rough placements of where you want everything to be before drawing it out fully. My body is also quite strange looking. The way the arms come out don't look right, and i'm not really doing anything interesting, just kinda standing there with a generic expression. (Although I will say I laughed at my hand being somewhere suggestive) Also the shadow underneath my head doesn't look as though it curves right, like, that's not how I think that'd work friend. The good - The colours are gud, and you captured my hair perfectly, and my hand looks fine. Perfect caption too. Study more dude, and you'll get better!

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Actually, you probably should've moved the mouth on top of the eyes, and have the eyes at the bottom of his body, and maybe only have one eye so he's a cyclops. I think that might've looked better. Still, pretty good I GUESS. :)

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RGPAnims responds:

Welp, lmao

I wish I was at home drawing or animating. Or playing Mario 64.

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